For the parts of treatment that cause the most distress, kids can earn Bravery Bucks® and redeem them for fun items and prizes at the Courage Store® at Blank Children’s Hospital. This incentive helps keep children motivated and feeling empowered throughout treatment.

Earning Bravery Bucks:
Each patient chooses three treatment types from a checklist that may cause the most distress. Bravery Bucks are then earned every time the child completes one of the three treatment types. As a reminder, the patient’s three chosen tasks are written on a slip in their new lanyard, which can hold their Bravery Bucks, too. The patient also receives a chart to keep track of tasks completed outside the clinic or inpatient care. Earned bucks can then be collected on the next visit.

Redeeming Bravery Bucks:
Located in the clinic’s family room cupboard at Blank Children’s Hospital, the Courage Store is packed with prizes and incentives and has three levels:

  • 1 Bravery Buck
  • 5 Bravery Bucks
  • 10 Bravery Bucks

Patients can spend their Bravery Bucks as they’re earned, or they can save up for a bigger prize and/or gift cards. Any available staff member or volunteer can exchange Bravery Bucks for prizes from the Courage Store.

Additional Information:

  • There is no limit to how many Bravery Bucks® a patient can earn per day.
  • Patients receive a buck for each successfully completed task, no matter how they coped during the process.
  • If a patient forgets to bring their Bravery Bucks® to their clinic appointment, they can fill out the chart at home and bring it in to the next appointment to collect their earned bucks.
  • Once the child has mastered the task, we encourage them to choose a different task that is more challenging.

We love getting Bravery Bucks®! It makes all the pokes seem worth it to Mason. We appreciate everyone who donates items to the Courage Store.

We plan ahead with what Olivia is looking forward to buying with her Bravery Bucks®. She can then focus on that instead of being accessed.

Earning Bravery Bucks® is so important. It helped our son, Caleb, get through a three-month inpatient stay, every port needle change and pokes. Such an awesome program!