Childhood cancer treatment involves countless medical procedures and experiences. CCC’S Beads4Bravery® program allows families to collect a bead for every step and milestone to tell the story of their unique journey. Beads are earned during chemotherapy, clinic visits, sedation and more.

Participation in the Beads4Bravery program is easy right from the start. A hospital or clinic staff member starts the patient with beads that spell the child’s name, a bead representing their cancer diagnosis, a Children’s Cancer Connection bead, and a bead that is unique to the hospital at which they receive treatment.

The Beads4Bravery Legend and Tracking Tool help the patient track other milestones along their journey. When beads are earned, they can be collected during clinic visits, hospital stays or mailed from CCC by request.

The personalized strand of beads will be a keepsake and tangible symbol of the milestones, emotions and accomplishments along the way. The Beads4Bravery program is designed to remember each new step in the entire childhood cancer journey.

Questions? Email the CCC Programs Team.

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Today, I have a collection of Children’s Cancer Connection beads, and it makes the diagnosis bead seem better because without my diagnosis I would not have met the most influential people in my life.

Beads4Bravery is such a huge part of our child’s cancer journey. I especially loved how each bead was so meaningful.

It’s such a testament to see their beads and understand every single step they took.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At a clinic visit while waiting in the Family Waiting Room.
  • While inpatient from a Child Life Specialist.
  • Email the CCC Programs Team with your bead order.

No, not at all! Your best estimate is absolutely perfect.

Don't shy away from large quantities of beads. MANY beads are earned as you go along.

Nope! You can start anytime. It is EASIEST to start keeping track right away, but that can be overwhelming. Jumping in and catching up is the way many choose to participate.

The best way is to email the CCC Programs Team. Children's Cancer Connection staff will send them your way.